Tuesday, 3 July 2012


I have been neglecting the blog... shame on me! I tend to get a little lazy over the summer months ;)
I didn't even post about Canicule when it was released... well ok, here it is. Makes for a nice summer shawl and I've been using both of mine a lot! I also used the mittens quite a bit when it was still rather chilly. I am liking the assymetry of them so I'm sure I'll be revisiting that theme and the modular element.

To be found in Ravelry, Patternfish and my Etsy shop.

My latest release has come with a bit of a surprise to be honest! after a hint-suggestion by my friend Vane on Saturday, I bought the yarn and started knitting a mane for my cat Loki. I finished, photographed and published the pattern on Sunday, which was my cat's birthday. I was pleasantly surprised when Loki posed with it on for a full 5 minutes before pulling it off! I was also more than pleasantly surprised when the pattern made it to the top of the "Hot right now" Ravelry pattern page after just a few hours! Still there with currently 875 favourites (!), with many comments and mentions in the forums.

Beyond that, I am seeing it popping up in Facebook (We Love Wool's post has been liked 882 times and shared... 1124 times!), many blogs (this post totally made my day), pinterest... wow! :D I mean, of course Loki is such a charming little lad (and has his own tumblr!) but I didn' expect such a response! I am truly overwhelmed :D

Oh, and the pattern is free! ;)