Monday, 20 December 2010

First post

I have decided to start a blogger knitting... blog ;P

I also have a knitting livejournal, but 90% of my posts there are private, notes to myself, pattern notes, links to other websites, wishlists, stuff like that. The one useful post there may be this one: Online Yarn Shops in Europe. Maybe I should copy it here later on. This list was compiled with the help of many helpful members from Ravelry. My username in Ravelry is medvssa.

Despite the fact that I only started knitting in March 2009, I love it and I have a lot of ideas, so I have started writing my own little patterns. I think I will put them up in Ravelry, but it would also be a nice idea to have them elsewhere, so this blog will be it. I have also my own website, my enamelled jewellery gallery:, so I can host my patterns there.

And that will be all for now, I guess ;P A mitten pattern or two coming very soon!

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