Saturday, 5 February 2011

Joies d’artista. Del modernisme a l’avantguarda (Part I)

(Artist’s Jewels. From Modernisme to the Avant-garde)

During my recent trip to Barcelona, I visited this wonderful exhibition in the MNAC museum,  "the occasional but fruitful approach by artists to the world of jewellery is the central theme of this exhibition". The exhibition is still running until the 13th of February of 2011, if you have any chance to visit it, I strongly encourage it!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was allowed to take pictures without flash. So without further ado, here is a first batch of them.

A jewelled marble sculpture representing Cleopatra opened the exhibition.
Pau Gargallo, 1900

Lucien Gaillard, 1904

Lluís Masriera,  c. 1903

 Lucien Gaillard, 1904

Lluís Masriera,  c. 1904

 René Lalique, 1898-1900

 Lluís Masriera,  c. 1905

 Lluís Masriera,  c. 1902

René Lalique, 1900

 René Lalique, c. 1900-1902

 René Lalique, c. 1900-1901

Lluís Masriera,  c. 1905

Lluís Masriera,  c. 1902

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