Saturday, 9 April 2011

9 April 2011

Today I have been working on several enamel bases that I had already started working some time ago, and a couple that were just blank with the base layer. I am mostly using a variation of this technique I wrote about here. I have been using this technique almost exclusively for the last few years, for whatever reason.

I am working on several pieces of my Mist series, a couple in a beginning-of-spring spin-off of the Mist series, and another pair of the Àlbers Argentats series. I like to work on several pieces at once to streamline the process (enamelling and firing while other pieces are cooling down etc).

Loki keeps me company
I spent a few hours washing and making a couple of colour/opal palettes as well. This is often the case when trying things out... I could try out stuff on the pieces directly, but I prefer to have more control ;) perhaps because my time is so limited.

All in all it was a productive day. Unlike working at the jewellery bench, when I work at the enamelling desk I usually feel more accomplished. I hope some day to have the same level of control when making settings.
And this is why I am years behind in making settings for my enamels...

Here are the pieces I have been working on today (I have the finished Àlbers Argentats I in there for reference). They are not finished yet:

Oh, and the "moon tree" (working title) piece I had forgotten to mention... which is nowhere near finished.

And these two, the copper shaping and base layer were done some time ago, but the painting enamelling I started and finished today! Now they have to wait for settings ;) I even need to get more silver, so it will take a while.

The transition of winter to spring. These were "inspired" by views of the Flemish landscape. A field of rapeseed that was an almost painful splash of yellow and green in an otherwise grey and misty landscape, and the new leaves sprouting from an oak sapling. The beads in the middle I got some time ago for these pieces. I prefer to buy the beads beforehand to be able to match the enamel as much as possible.


  1. Quin goig de taula!
    I el Loki tant maco acompanyant aquesta feina que promet tant!

  2. Hola Teresa :>

    Si, m'agrada molt tenir plantes i gats al meu voltant!

    He acabat un d'aquests penjolls avui mateix, ara faig una entrada amb fotos!

    Gràcies per passar-te per aquí :)))


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