Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Progress is being made! :D

Pattern 02 is written, sample is knitted and blocked, and a beautiful friend is coming over this Saturday to model it for my pictures. Very exciting! she is just perfect for this sweet character, and very enthusiastic about the project and inspiration for it (this is always nice to hear! :))

This pattern features beading and a little fiddliness, which I think is always nice to make a small project more entertaining! I have decided to shoot some HD videos to accompany these patterns, showing trickier parts etc. Video for pattern 02 is filmed, edited and already uploaded to my new YouTube Channel:

Pattern 01 is underway. This is lace knitted with linen, which gives a whole different look, and also beaded. Pictured is my swatch, but I have decided to use other beads which are on the way to me. Meanwhile the sample is started but on hold.

Pattern 03 is what I am working on right now. This project is a pleasure to knit because of the amazing yarn I am using, plus it has a delightful drape! Truly decadent to knit :)

As you can see in the picture, it features my beloved lacy faggoting stitches, the YOs make it airy, but the ribs created by the decreases still give quite a bit of volume.

These three patterns form the first "chapter" of my project. It is very exciting to have the three of them finished soon. Next is a very ambitious (for me!) pattern, moving beyond accessories... my first garment!

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