Thursday, 16 February 2012


I received a package today. Some vintage yarn, an embroidery hoop, and some old (made in Western Germany!) Prym pressure buttons I found on Ebay Belgium. A shop was selling old stocks, probably from a haberdashery that closed up. I don't actually know how old the yarn is and if it qualifies as vintage. It is discontinued, probably for a long time, and the labels are decidedly vintage-looking. In any case the yarn is 40% angora 60% wool, thin like a light fingering, and very nice. The natural tone is perfect and the red is not too bright, not too dark. It was a good deal and I do have a soft spot for angora (no pun intended).

I got all of the natural yarn they had, but will have a hard time not going back for some more of the red!

I was actually just looking for an embroidery hoop. This one is good and sturdy, but a bit thin. It was a very good deal, but perhaps it is too thin for thicker fabric. Last week I got bitten by the embroidery bug (once every 15 years or thereabouts) and my non-adjustable hoop wasn't cutting it. I am using a thick linen. I will expand about this in another post.

Regarding unemployment, I just today got a letter from the unemployment office as well. I have to go to an info session for a course I inscribed to. If I remember correctly there was a waiting list, I don't actually know what an info session entails. It is for "Graphic techniques" (mainly DTP). We'll see!

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