Saturday, 13 October 2012


I stumbled upon a pattern in Ravelry... well more than a pattern it is an idea! The Sky Scarf: "This pattern is for a scarf with narrow stripes of colors determined daily by your local weather."

Basically every day you knit a row with the colours of the sky at the moment/during the day. I think the idea is fantastic! I found myself immediately thinking which yarn I could use and which shape I could knit, a skinny scarf is not for me and it would be a pity not to use it!

I am also glad I am now living in Flanders because honestly I prefer a more grey scarf than the intensely blue one I would get if I would still live in Barcelona ;)

Then there is the question of when to start? I would like to work on it for a complete year. I thought of starting the 1st of January 2013, but then, I really dislike “new year’s resolutions” kind of things (and that strikes me as one?) and am not particularly fond of our calendar to begin with.

So when to start it? I could start right now, or any other moment. But since I want to spend some time planning and dyeing the yarn (so in a way I start now), why not start the 11th of November? it is one of the only two official holidays that mean anything to me, and it is coming soon. As a reminder of it has been this year’s Nobel Prize of Peace awarded to the EU citizens. So the goal is to finish this project on the 95th Armistice Day in 2013, and I am naming it 95th.

Then I started thinking about the yarn. Stash yarn would be nice! And I have two hanks of Drops Lace (70% Alpaca, 30% Silk) which will work beautifully. One is natural/ecru and the other is blue/grey, which perhaps has a hint of green. But I plan of dyeing most of the fibre anyway. I don’t know if it will be enough but I can always buy more!

I also want to knit with several strands at the same time, perhaps 3, perhaps 2, which will help customise the daily colour further.

I could not wait and have started dyeing! (which you have probably already figured out ;))

I still have two balls of the two original colours, and now these shades of grey and blue, and a little purple.

Now to decide what shape to knit. It must have 365 rows, rounds or repeats! and it has to be useful, which means this will most likely not be a scarf. Perhaps a shawl/stole, perhaps a cowl, perhaps a combination of both. I am inclined towards a somewhat wide cowl, knitted rather loosely and with 365 rounds. This yarn should drape nicely! I think some swatching is in order ;)

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