Friday, 23 March 2012

Grey and green pt.3

Just finished it! perhaps it needs a little ironing...

Too big for the XS mannequin of course.
Inside out
I got a couple of sports bras two days ago (the only ones I found that fit me and didn't have underwires), but they are a little too high on the center. Thinking of unpick the binding off one and cutting away a little bit. They are grey like this dress so I think it could be a good match (definitely after fixing since this dress has a very deep neckline). I think I am gonna try it out now :)

Oh, and the inside of the dress, it is all lined except the sleeve caps. I wonder if it will be too warm for summer, but hey now it is spring :)

Edit: Ok, I fixed the bra :) first I unpicked the binding and stitched a line further in on one of the cups, cut off that piece and tried it on. Then I used the cut-off piece to mark the other cup, stitch etc the same way. Before unpicking the other side of the binding I marked the middle point with a pin. The binding was a bit short for the new lower neckline, but very stretchy, and once sewn brings the cups in a little which is a good thing since I just sliced across a less cupped-in place than the original edge (does that make any sense?). So I pinned and basted and stitched the binding in place. The cup foam is thinner at the edge, this was challenging since now the new edge was like twice as thick. Makes for a less than perfect edge, but I am happy enough with it. I put it on the mannequin over the other untouched bra to show the difference.

So here it is under the new dress. When it peeks out a little at the center it is ok since it is nearly the same grey :)

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