Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mint green

Mint, eucalyptus, this sort of unsaturated, sometimes slightly grey, sometimes more juicy green, I've always liked it a lot but never thought I could pull it off much. I am after all a recovering metalhead* of the may-be-confused-for-a-goth variety.

I guess one of the best side effects of growing older is a very distinct "who the fuck cares" attitude :)

I particularly like these green shades with peachy pink and coral, and I've been pinning lots of those examples in this Pinterest board. I also used it years ago for this necklace I often wear (yes despite all! it is small ;) where I combined eucalyptus green and teal (it depicts eucalyptus leaves and blossoms after all) with the pink of the blossoms and the setting in copper - I love copper and I wish it didn't stain skin green!):

Eucaliptus - Necklace and earrings 2008
Enamel over copper, copper, aventurine, amazonite
So, last Friday I went to the local yarn store with my friend. I am happy to say she may now have been bitten and irredeemably infected by the knitting bug ;D while there I was having a look at the new spring/summer yarns. I do have a clear objective this spring/summer which is to overcome my knitting curse: ever since I started knitting just now 4 years ago, I haven't been able to pick up the needles during the spring and particularly during the summer months. Probably a failure to pick up suitable yarn and/or projects. So yeah, I thought I should pick a decidedly summery yarn. Here it is:

Katia Mykonos
My original idea was to knit a Coachella which has been on my queue for a long time, and I wanted to knit it in black or dark grey. Yeah I know... but for that more casual look I always must revert to the metalhead of the may-be-confused-for-a-goth variety, nothing to do about it. So I had my doubts I would actually get much use of a sleeveless top in this shade. Shawl it is:

I am making it up as I go. I quite like the fabric produced by this yarn (I am using needles slightly bigger than recommended). The yarn itself is quite cool as well. Bunch of darker green matte threads + 1 golden thread wrapped in a light and shiny thread, which gives a stiff silk/papery look. The yarn however feels deliciously soft and knits very drapey. We'll see where this goes! I have so much yarn (5 balls) that I may make a fully fringed shawl. Shock, horror.

I probably should have kept this yarn for later in the year when it gets warmer, at this rate it won't last long, and these last two days we have had to put the heating on... but I guess there is more where this came from ;)

*Recovering in the fashion sense, into which I very happily relapse when I feel like it. Never "recovering" in the musical sense though!

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