Sunday, 1 April 2012





After a long, long break, three of my orchids are in bloom! The miltonia was first, and one bud on each of the phalaenopsis have just opened, more to follow. Another two phalaenopsis have flower shoots with very little buds which will still take a while to open (left & right). I think those are completely white. I may be a little bit boring but... I love pure white flowers! If I ever had a yard I would be very tempted to have plants which bloom white exclusively. Difficult to stick to that though, I guess ;)

Yesterday I went to Brussels with my man for a little secret photoshoot. I am glad since the pictures turned out rather well! The day was chilly and cloudy which was perfect because the sample to photograph is decidedly for winter, and with the last warm, sunny days I was worried I would not have the occasion to photograph it on a cloudy day (and without discomfort!).

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