Sunday, 8 April 2012

Shawl #2 finished!

In a bit of a fever these last days, my hands are sore!

I finished the shawl (it looks orange on the top pictures since it was still wet). I had to run to the LYS to get an extra ball of yarn just for the bind-off, annoying! however I couldn't leave all that leftover yarn lying around. I did not plan to make any matching item this time, but you see, I am cursed. I knitted these mitts too. They are not even blocked in the pic, and the lace definitely needs it. This is a modular design, so the top edging and cuffs can be mixed and matched as desired. I wanted fraternal twins so they are quite different. I am off to block these now and then on to much neglected chores!

I am having these two shawls and the mitts test knitted now so if you are interested let me know!

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