Thursday, 21 February 2013

Big news

Apart from a couple of posts about the Joies d’artista expo, I have been quite silent. Truth is... something was going on!

We bought a house! as in, really a house (I have always lived in apartments), with garden and everything! It hasn't really sunk in yet. We still don't have the keys, that will still take at the latest two months, and then hopefully we will do some renovations before we move in, several months later. It needs central heating and roof isolation at the very least.

The house was built in 1932 to 35 (no clear records) and preserves most of the original features. These beautiful terrazzo* tiles are on the ground floor.

Apart from the roof, the central heating boiler and gas installation, we want to do everything ourselves. My partner has some experience, he helped his father rebuild their entire house.
Ambitious perhaps, we will see. There is a lot to do... and I expect I will be blogging about it :) I do love to restore furniture and there is plenty of wood:

Pretty hardware. Part of the handle is wood.


But so much more than wood. There will be tiles, and some plaster, and of course paint and... plumbing and electricity which are scarier! It will take a long time for sure :)

As could be expected my other projects are taking a back seat. And now back to the drawing board!

* It is obviously terrazzo with the little bits of marble inlaid in the colored cement. However the patterns seem to be made in the same way than hydraulic tiles, with a separation between different colours of cement. Some sort of hybrid? I guess the 30's were a transitional time between hydraulic and terrazzo. In any case I expect these can be polished!

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