Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cuffs and a shawl

So my second set of cuffs is finished and blocked, ready to photograph. The pattern is written and laid out, only missing the pictures for the second version.

I will probably have to model these myself, and probably also take the photographs, since it is too dark when my man is at home. I will try to do it today, so publishing soon!

Meanwhile work continues on my other set of orange gloves.

I've also finally decided which yarns I’m gonna use for the Ledrada KAL:

ColourMart Silk 8/60NM 4ply Weight  (silk)
Isager Strik Spinni Tweed (Wool 1) (sheep's wool)

These are very thin. I’ve been meaning to make a very lightweight kerchief for my MIL, since she will wear nothing heavier than a smallish silk scarf.

So I’ll be using smaller needles, the grey yarn (I hope I have enough) single for a very light edging (and probably a bigger needle) and the orange yarn doubled (it is very very thin but I think it will bloom a little after washing since it is ColourMart silk).

So I want a smallish shawlette but still will be adding some extra repeats due to smaller needles.

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