Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Grey and green

Last Monday I bought some fabric on a whim, 1m of very soft grey jersey rayon and 0.5m of a vibrant mossy green, for a short sleeved dress. The grey is rather beautiful, very slightly warmish, so that it goes rather well with this green. At least I think so :) I can't quite get the tones right in the pictures:

I modified my jersey dress pattern a bit and then cut the pieces on Tuesday. I did not have enough for lining the back bodice part so I cut it from a very fine nude nylon jersey. I thought I better line other pieces as well so I ended up cutting linings for all pieces (except the front of the bodice that is lined in self fabric) minus sleeves (cuffs are folded double too).

Today I put together the bodice and sleeves:

Temporarily pinned at center and some "darts"
Hopefully tomorrow on to the waistband which will be a bit challenging I think.

These days I am going to a "test week" for a DTP course I mentioned some time ago. The waiting list may still be very long (unknown exactly how much) but they are already having us "tested" to see what level we are at. Or something. I am having to wake up at 6:45 which I am totally not used to! Yesterday there was a lot of talking but today we got to work. I finished everything there was to do quite early so they sent me home!


  1. I love this color combination and the fit looks beautiful, very flattering.


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