Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ledrada update & giveaway

Just this weekend I was away in Barcelona, and while I was trying to finish a pair of socks for my mom, I was also lecturing her for not using the shawl I made for her, knits are meant to be worn, not carefully stored away in the closet for... later?

So she said she would. Even though she doesn't want to "spoil" it. Life is too short to worry about that! I also had to talk my father into wearing his socks.

Anyway. I came back to a nice message from Aimee, aka froggymonkey from Knitting in circles podcast, pointing out a few mistakes on the pattern I wrote for this shawl, Ledrada (her project here). I published this one year ago, and as we say time doesn't pass in vain, one does learn and there were improvements to be made.

I corrected the mistakes and the chart, improved the line by line instructions, adding the stitch count to them as well, increased a needle size (I now do this by default since I am such an extremely loose knitter and the needle I used is never to be trusted) and also clarified the modification instructions a bit.

So to celebrate, I am giving away 5 copies of the eBook (which includes the mittens, photo below). Comment in this topic in Ravelry to get yours!

Update: this was so successful I ended up giving 13 eBook copies away, thanks everyone!! :D

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