Saturday, 26 January 2013

More hair stuff / color

I used to blog about haircare, mostly as a record-keeping sort of activity, because let's face it, memory is a very unreliable thing indeed (especially mine, I have to admit), and when it comes to not-really-important stuff like which shampoo I was using in 2002, even more so. But on occasion I have found useful to keep this information somewhere. If it actually is of any use to anyone else remains to be seen (see below for more on that).

I "blogged" for a bit in the Long Hair Community. I have to say I never really felt at home in that website. I've made some friends that I keep and met really cool people there, but it also attracts a lot of biblical freaks that quote Corinthians in their signature (the woman's long hair bit, not the preceding nasty bit about how disgraceful long hair is for a man, which as a metalhead to the core naturally I find disgraceful, and as a reasonable person I find it absurd... but well, not to a greater extent than the rest of the book, really). I digress! Suffice it to say that I felt uncomfortable and I fitted in like a fish out of the water. And well a zealous approach to haircare doesn't suit me, either. But I have learnt a lot in there. Mostly which rules to break next, I guess ;D

Then I moved on to blog... let's say keep records privately in livejournal. It was boring and my hair type is quite rare, (perhaps in some parts of the world it is not, but I haven't met so many of those people), so not much use to anyone.

Long story short, I do not feel like keeping exhaustive records anymore, but I though keeping a few notes may come in handy, and bore you to tears, I aim to please ;)

I think I'll be changing my hair colour "routine" soon so I'll be writing down what I've been using til now.
I used a lot of different stuff to try and fix the mess the hairdresser made, but the one colour I've used a lot and worked rather well was here below on the right, a box dye from l'Oreal. This is a rather flat colour, but probably just what I needed to even out the stripey mess. Lightens up my rather dark hair a lot (at root level, prolly due to scalp heat, doesn't work nearly as well on lengths), but it also darkens any highlight. So I've been using it for root for a long time now. Half a box is enough. I do have half a ration left but I think I'll stop using it once that is finished.

The boxes on the left are from the "pro" shop, and need to be mixed with developer (I've been using the cheapo brand 20% - let me also tell you that the box dye ends up cheaper, at least when I buy at the local pro shop, I should find some discount Dutch online shop). 7.40 is funnily enough the same number than the box dye, and I think no coincidence (same brand). Probably not the exact same formula (seems reversed somehow, the color is liquid and the developer much thicker), but the colours seems nearly identical, perhaps less flat (doesn't lighten or darken quite so much, perhaps the box has 30%?).

The 6.64 is much redder (the others are orange), and I've used it to give some colour variation. Quite subtle but I've only used it twice. I like it.

So my plan is to keep on using 7.40 and 6.64, and get a darker orange brown and some 10% developer to start darkening my roots. Could do with a little less maintenance. I also have to stop coloring my eyebrows, at least with the lighter tones, which is way too light for eyebrows. Looks perfect with some eyeshadow but I don't wear it every day. My eyebrows are too ashy so we'll see.

Apart from this I'be been using random bleach leftovers to get to this point, and recently gave myself a very few highlights. I'll probably keep on doing that on occasion.

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