Monday, 28 January 2013

Tea and perfume

Saturday afternoon it struck and out we went hunting for a teapot shortly before the shops closed for the day. I do have a teapot although the lid broke years ago (I have to find a ceramist to make a replacement since i love that teapot. I made a rather hurried tea cosy for it), but it is way too large for my everyday needs ;)

So last shop and last minute we found a really nice teapot, and also two cups with saucers to match, which we got since all together it was a pretty good deal (around 14€). We've used it a few times already and it is perfect for two or a very thirsty one. At least if it can be kept warm. You know where this is going ;)

I entered frenzy mode as I do and started a cosy that evening, finished the "base" and put it to block on the teapot. Sunday I dyed some yarn and knitted decorations for a few hours. I haven't attached them yet, mostly trying out things. I want mostly ferns and lily of the valley. I also cut up a half made mushroom (just knitted and felted) in nearly half to make a smaller and bigger... bas-relief? couple of mushrooms, needle felted some spots and attached them.

I also crocheted (!) around the spout hole a little since it was too big, and loops for the buttons which I also attached. I can't crochet to save my life so I was learning a little about it. I crocheted some leaves! yay me.

And dye, yep I dyed several wool yarns with the same dye batch (green and yellow), not same concentration or times or temperatures for all, a very ad hoc business:

The original yarn at the bottom
The cosy is functional for now and I only want to work on this in the weekends so that will be all for now.

Also a while ago I received a package! I swapped on Makeup Alley for the first time in years, and for the first time in perfume. I am falling into this vortex lately, but the fact I am penniless may yet save me. I've had a BPAL moratorium for years now, which I plan to keep (I have a ton that needs using), but more commercial or "niche" perfume has begun to creep in. This is an industry some aspects of I really dislike, and others I can't afford, so I am trying to remain very selective (just samples may do) and/or aim for vintage. So in the mail I got this nice little vintage bottle of Anaïs Anaïs together with a few samples. Away I shipped my partial bottle of Kenzo Ete something which I didn't really like and another bunch of samples.

This little thing is quite powerful, even though I remember it as a subtle thing (an elfin-looking friend of mine used it in the 90's), I just opened it and the little I got in my fingers smells quite strongly. Funny how taste and perception change.

I also got a pick up paper from the post. I think I know what this is and it is already pissing me off that there is quite a customs charge to it since it was a gift... I think a battle with Belgian post is lost beforehand...

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